Prep and Installation

To join the wonderful world of version control, please create a GitHub account and install Git on your system.

GitHub is a Git repository hosting service, a place to store and sync your work in the cloud. Take a minute to create a free account. They provide some great introductory tutorials, but you can probably ignore them if you are coming to the workshop!

Install Git

Git GUIs (optional)

This workshop introduces the basic Git workflow using the command line. However, you may prefer a GUI application for your future day-to-day work with Git. There are a variety of GUI apps available for managing and visualizing Git repositories.

If you are interested in using a simple visual app integrated with GitHub, Windows and Mac users should install GitHub Desktop using the default options. A more powerful alternative is SourceTree from Atlassian / BitBucket. On Linux gitg and GitKraken are good options.

Text Editor (optional)

When working with code you should have a good text editor. Windows notepad does not handle UTF-8 encoding or UNIX line endings that are standard for most cross platform applications. For basic editing, Windows Notepad++, Mac TextEdit, or Linux Gedit are sufficient. However, a more complete code editor will be helpful for working on projects.

Open-source cross platform suggestions: